A game designer and artist, James is fascinated by both how words can do so much with so little, and how games allow us to shape and control imaginary worlds.

James Biddulph

James Biddulph lives in the historic and haunted Lichfield, UK, with his wife Robyn and a menagerie of animals. Having worked as a game designer and artist for over ten years and dozens of projects, he is trying to turn his love of writing fiction into something real. James is focusing on exploring the ways in which traditional fiction and interactive media can work together to create something unique and exiting.


Jamo Games

Jamo Games is a video games company started by James in 2012. Splitting time between new projects and client work, Jamo Games has been involved in games development across many platforms, from console to the sides of buildings in New York.


Pixel Art Commissions is a specialist site started by James in 2014, providing pixel art and animation for any number of different uses. James has completed over one hundred projects, everything from games, to album and book covers.

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